Ms.Daniela Sora

Ms.Daniela Sora

Vasile Goldis National College

A Short Bio / زانیاری کەسیی / سيرة ذاتية قصيرة: “My name is Daniela Sora. I am a teacher of English and French at Vasile Goldis National College and an accomplished translator and interpreter at my own company. I enjoy using all my language knowledge in school, combining it with psychopedagogy. I graduated from Applied Languages English and French in 2007, with a licenced thesis “British National Identity and European Integration”. I graduated from Vasile Goldis Western University with an MBA in Business Administration, International Relations. Hopefully, soon I will be a doctor in linguistics.”

Category / پۆلێن / الفئة:

Project-based Learning / فێربوون بە پرۆژە / التعلم القائم على المشاريع

Seminar Title / ناونیشانی بابەت / عنوان الندوة : Project -based Learning through Design Thinking

Abstract / پوختە / الملخص. : It is relevant that teachers understand the three different moments of language that happen during CLIL and PBL. All 4C’s (Culture, Content, Communication, Cognition) mentioned by Coyle comprised projects developed according to PBL, in which stakeholders are learning content through language. With the Design Thinking approach, students have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and imaginatively collaborate, communicate, and engage their curiosity. The next step is an autonomous learner who decides how they work and what solutions they want to create through a structured scaffold and a set of mindsets that allow students to effectively approach challenges with courage and confidence through solution-based methodology, becoming innovators. Design Thinking in the Classroom by David Lee Larmer and Mergendoller, compare short-term projects and PBL to dessert and main course: the former “is served” at the end of a unit, as “dessert”, to assess what students have learned; the latter, on the other hand, is how students are going to learn. It is the “main course”. If PBL is the approach through which learning will happen, then the word processor must be a constant reminder that everything in PBL is about the way students got to a product and not the product itself.

Keywords / وشە سەرەکیەکان / الكلمات المفتاحية:

PBL, Design Thinking, learning by doing, 4C’s, solution-based