ICET Speaker Guidelines 2022

ICET 2022 Theme:
“Empowering Schools in Preparing Students with Real Life Skills”

Education is a social institution that is responsible for equipping generations with basic academic knowledge, learning skills, and cultural norms. That is, we assess the quality of educational systems and institutions by the competencies they develop in the learners to excel in the global society.

As the flagship institutions of education, schools are deemed responsible to prepare students with real-life skills. But, how competent are schools and today’s schooling in raising students with the capabilities to face real-life challenges and expectations?

ICET 2022 invites educational experts, educators, trainers, educational policymakers, and community leaders from the national and international community to reflect together on this inevitable question in schooling, curriculum development, and professional development.

ICET 2022 will explore opportunities and perspectives for teacher professional development and educational leadership that will empower students through instilling problem-solving skills and real-life competencies in them.


ICET 2022 presentations are supposed to focus on education and teaching in K-12 contexts.

Presentations should aim at three main objectives:

  • to improve the learning experience in the classroom
  • to help teachers and school leaders broaden their experiences
  • to encourage program and curriculum developers to include real-life competencies in their teaching and learning approaches


Presentations in ICET 2022 should be under eight category options:

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Technology Education
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Project-based Learning
  • Hands-on Learning
  • School Leadership
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Character Education


Presentations in ICET can be delivered in three language options:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Kurdish


  • Duration for each seminar is 50 minutes in total:
  • 40 minutes for presentation
  • 10 minutes for questions (QA session)

Speaker Registration Form

Speakers(presenters) complete a registration form from the ICET web page. The registration form includes contact information of the presenter, seminar topic, abstract, and presenter’s headshot photograph.

Once you complete the registration form and upload your abstract, the Academic

Committee will contact you about approval and further instructions.


Speakers are supposed to provide the abstract of their presentations in the Speaker Registration Form. Abstracts should be 150 words minimum and 200 words maximum.

Virtual Presentations:

Virtual presentations provide a great opportunity to engage with the audience and present seminars in the event that you are not able to physically attend. Such presentations enable you to present live with the help of technological solutions and utilities.

During a virtual presentation, the speaker shares his/her screen, and a live video of the speaker also appears for the audience.

  • Presentations must be prepared in the provided ICET template.
  • Presentations must be sent for the review of the ICET Academic Committee via before the deadline provided.
  • An assigned moderator of ICET will be available in each session to:

– assist you in QA sessions by keeping an eye on the chatbox for the participant questions and answers

– provide technical assistance and troubleshooting

– to assist in interactive patterns in your presentation

To make sure your virtual presentation goes smoothly, you are required to:

  • Be online and available 15 minutes before the presentation,
  • Have a reliable and fast internet connection,
  • Test your microphone and video camera,
  • Test your slides and make sure they run smoothly with all content, visuals, animations and videos if available
  • Have a non-distracting environment around you during the presentation. The room you are using should be both quiet and the background used as plain as possible. You will also be provided with an official ICET visual for virtual background.

Authoring and Copyright

Speakers must abide by the following terms and conditions regarding authoring and copyright:

  • Speakers must cite any sources used in the content. ICET is not liable for copyright matters caused by the trainers.
  • Submitting the abstract and presentation for the publication to ICET Conference; the speaker confirms, acknowledges and agrees expressly to the terms and conditions of the copyright agreement that prevails and is binding to the contributing author(s). The agreement covers the following terms and conditions:
  • ICET Organizing Committee shall be able to use

– the abstract

– presenter’s photo

– presenter’s name and title

– conference video recordings

for development and marketing purposes under the name of ICET.

Important Deadlines

17 March 2022: Speaker Registration Form: Abstract submission is due

3 to 5 Work Days: Authors of the selected abstracts are notified

14 April 2022: Final presentation submission is due

27 April 2022: Participant Registration closes