Speaker Registration Form 2022


Important Deadlines

● 21 April 2022: 

Speaker Registration Form: Abstract submission is due

● 25 April 2022: 

Final presentation submission is due

● 27 April  2022: 

Participant Registration closes

Speaker Registration Form ICET 2022 - فۆڕمی تۆمارکردنی قسەکەران - إستمارة تسجيل المتحدِّثين
Briefly provide biographical information.
Enter at least one of your social media accounts if you prefer the registrars to follow it.

Please note that all sessions are in Baghdad Time (GMT +3).
يرجى ملاحظة أنَّ جميع الجلسات تكون بتوقيت بغداد (غرينيتش +3).
تکایە تێبینی ئەوە بکە کە هەموو دانیشتنەکان بەکاتی بەغدایە.
Minimum 150 words, Maximum 200 words / ا 150 کلمة كحد أدنى ، بحد أقصى 200 كلمة / کەمترین 150 ووشە، زۆرترین 200 ووشە
Please provide 5 keywords / تکایە 5 وشەی سەرەکی بنوسە / يرجى تقديم 5 كلمات رئيسية
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
High Quality and High Standard
I accept the following terms, and on submitting the abstract and presentation for the publication to ICET Conference; I confirm, acknowledge and agree expressly to the terms and conditions of this terms agreement. This copyright agreement prevails and is binding to the contributing author(s). The agreement covers the following terms and conditions: ICET Organizing Committee shall be able to use

● the abstract
● presenter’s photo
● presenter’s name and title
● conference video recordings
for development and marketing purposes under the name of ICET.

Thank you for your interest

The speaker registration form will be opened soon.

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