About ICET 2021

International Conference

on Education & Teaching in K-12 Schools (ICET)

“Learning Opportunities For All”

About the Conference

The International Conference on Education & Teaching in K-12 Schools (ICET) is a joint educational event organized by Stirling Schools, Cambridge University Press, City & Guilds, and GEMS.

It intends to promote education and contribute to the development of the schools and teachers’ professional development in Iraq and KRG.

ICET brings together teacher trainers, educational experts, and community leaders from the national and international community.

Presentations in ICET are delivered in three languages: English, Arabic and Kurdish.

ICET is being organized for the first time in 2021.

The ICET has been aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals-Goal 4 and UNESCO Education 2030 Framework for Action UNESCO 4.C.

UN Sustainable Development Goals-Goal 4:

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


By 2030, substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially the least developed countries and small island developing States.


ICET 2021

May 17-18

ICET 2021 is a virtual event that brings together speakers and audiences from various locations. Presentations will be delivered virtually on the video conference platform.

Mr. James Thorton, British Consul-General of Erbil is delivering a keynote address on behalf of the British Embassy Baghdad and British Consulate General Erbil.
Keynote presentations will be delivered by Peter Lucantoni, Professional Learning and Development Manager (MENA), from Cambridge University Press and Kim Insley from University College London, Institute of Education.

ICET 2021 Theme:

“Empowering Education & Classroom Experience in the Post-covid World.”

All sides of educational operations are longing for pre-pandemic normals of education. Although it is an expected and understandable motive after a challenging period for all stakeholders of education, it seems that nothing would be the same in a post-pandemic classroom experience. Now it is time for all educators and educational institutions to maintain and adapt the lessons learned from these difficult times to better educational services and provisions so that education rises stronger from this crisis.

This crisis taught us once again that the learner and learning are at the center of educational provisions, and there are and should be various ways and tools to reach individual learners. A post-pandemic classroom should definitely be endorsed with rich interactive patterns through digital and hands-on activities that take teaching away from teacher-centered lecturing to a student-centered interactive process.

The crisis also emphasized once again the importance of effective educational leadership and teacher professional development. We believe that these challenging times underlined the fact that teachers are and should be lifelong learners who can adapt to changes and requirements in the new world.

ICET 2021 will explore opportunities and perspectives for teacher professional development and educational leadership that will contribute to ongoing progress in education in the Post-covid World.

Who should attend:

This conference will primarily be of interest to:

  • those in teaching and leadership positions in public and private schools and colleges
  • candidate teachers and aspiring educational leaders
  • those with an interest in international education, teacher professional development and educational leadership
  • Ministry or government representatives tasked with improving the educational services of the community

Teacher trainers, educational experts, and community leaders from the national and international community will be at ICET 2021

  • To explore new opportunities and perspectives to improve the learning experience in the classroom
  • To raise awareness for institutional and professional development in education
  • To help teachers and school leaders broaden their experiences
  • To offer networking opportunities for all those attending the event – trainers, academicians, community leaders, and representatives of for-and non-profit organizations as well as government officials
  • To provide a shared platform for diverse opinions in order to adapt educational services to the needs of a new era

How to Register:

You can register for the conference with the online registration form on the conference website from the link below


Participant Registration Deadline: 10 May 2021