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  1. You can select only one session at the same timing
  2. You must select a minimum of one session.
  3. You may select a maximum of six sessions.

DAY 1- S1 -May 17, 2021 -Monday

Session 1 - 14:00-15:00

A template for successful training sessions.

Peter Lucantoni
Matthew Ellman

PLD Managers Cambridge University Press

Engaging primary learners through CLIL approaches.

Claire Ross

Trainer Cambridge University Press

Educator CPD in a post-Covid World.

John McGuire

Educational Consultant Broadlands

الدور الإرشادي للمدرس في ظل الأزمة الراهنة

Teacher's guiding role in the current crisis.

Prof. Maeda Mardan AL-Taan

Psychological Counselor University of Basrah

أفكار التطوير المهني الفعال للمعلمين

Effective professional development (PD) ideas for teachers.

Aqeel Mohammed

Educational Consultant Abu Dhabi Island International School

بەر ب پەیرەوکرنا پەروەردەیا ب سەنتەرکرنا قوتابی ل کوردستانێ ژبۆ دابینکرنا چاپۆکیێن پێدڤی

Towards Implementing Student-Centered Learning in Kurdistan to Provide the Required Skills for the Digital Era.

Ameen Abdulqader Omar

Associate Professor University of Duhok

نوێکاری پیداگۆجی وەک کلیلێکی داهێنان بۆ سیستەمی پەروەردەی بەردەوام.

Innovative Pedagogy as a promising key for a sustainable education system.

Twana Tahir

Teacher Trainer Komar University of Science and Technology

چۆن به‌هونه‌ر وانه‌ی بیرکاری خۆشه‌ویست بکه‌ین تا وانه‌ وتنه‌وه‌کانمان به‌رهه‌م دار بن.

How can we use art to prepare and teach more enjoyable Math lessons?

Hassan Sdiq

Lecturer Soran University

DAY 1- S2- May 17, 2021 -Monday

Session 2 - 15:00-16:00

How to Harness Data to Improve your Decision-making and Increase your Probability of Success.

Dr. James Abdey

Professorial Lecturer University of London

Hybrid: Powerful knowledge and 21st Century competencies

Jenny Smith

Director Skepsis Learning/ City and Guilds Associate

Jolly English Programme.

Clare Fulton

Trainer UK Teachers Academy

How can we incorporate our teaching toolkit into the new virtual reality.

Nele Noe

Trainer/Consultant UK Teachers Academy

دور القيادة التربوية خلال الثورة الصناعية الرابعة و كوفيد 19

The role of educational leadership during the 4th industrial revolution and covid 19.

Ahmed Chalak Shakir

Dean University of Kirkuk

(الفيديو التفاعلي كنوع من انواع التعلم الغير المتزامن)

Interactive video as a type of asynchronous learning.

Asim Ahmed Khaleel Alshumam

Lecturer University of Mosul

کێ دەبێت بە سەرکردەیەکی پەروەردەیی کاریگەر لە سەدەی 21دا؟

Who would be an effective educational leader in the 21st century?

Talib Omer

Deputy Dean Soran University

لێکەوتەکانی پەروەردەی دیموکراتی بۆ پڕۆگرامەکانی پەروەردەیی مامۆستا.

Implications of Democratic Education for Teacher Education Programs.

Abdurrahman Wahab

Lecturer Tishk International University

DAY 2 - S3 - May 18, 2021 -Tuesday

Session 3 - 10:00-11:00

Introducing The School Leader Inventory

Lesley Hunter

Internationally Recognised Expert Challenge Choice Change

Education Pedagogy for Modern Day Kurdistan Region.

Sazan Mandalawi

Educational Consultant University of Southern Queensland - Australia

معوقات أستعمال التعليم الالكتروني في كليات التربية في جامعة البصرة

Obstacles to the use of e-learning in the faculties of education at Basra University.

Nabeel Nehair

Assistant Professor University of Basrah

پەروەردە لە رێگەی پێشنەگبوونەوە

Developing educational leadership.

Jaafar Najmadin Ali Gwani

Lecturer Salahaddin University

بەسەنتەرکردنی قوتابی بۆ فێربوون لە کاتی کۆڤید-19.

Student-Centered Learning in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Bnar Ahmed

Lecturer Koya University

DAY 2 - S4 - May 18, 2021 -Tuesday

Session 4 - 11:00-12:00

Bringing Happiness into the Classroom.

Sercan Oz

Senior Education Officer UK Teachers Academy

Multi-sensory Synthetic Phonics: A comprehensive fun programme to teach reading and writing in English.

Clare Fulton

Trainer UK Teachers Academy

التعليم الالكتروني في ضل جائحة كورونا وكيفية تطويرة

E-learning in the shadow of the Corona pandemic and how to develop it.

Amjed Al-Badran

Lecturer University of Basrah

التربية الخاصة بين الواقع والطموح

Special education between reality and ambition

Omar Muwafaq Basheer Al abachi

Head of Software University of Mosul

چۆن ببم بە مامۆستایەکی سەرکەوتوو؟

How do I become a leading teacher?

Prof. Karim Sharif Qarachatani

Lecturer University of Sulaimani

DAY 2 - S5 - May 18, 2021 -Tuesday

Session 5 - 13:00-14:00

Thriving after COVID-19.

Jakob Werdelin

Educational Consultant Werdelin Education

A strategy for education providers in making learning accessible to those with learning difficulties (TBC).

Ruwayda Mustafah

Prominent British-Kurdish Activist Hope Autism Society

تدريب المعلمين على التعلم الإلكتروني.

Training teachers in e-learning.

Basima Jameel Jarjees Toshi

Assistant Professor University of Mosul

Education and the challenges of the of corana crisis

Prof. Dr. Haider Sukar

Professor Mustansiriye University

خوێندنی ئۆنڵاین و کاریگەرییە پەروەردەیییە ( پۆزەتیڤ و نێگەتیڤ )ەکانی لە کاتی پەتای کۆرونا بۆ پۆلەکانی پەروەردەی تایبەت لە ناوەندی پارێزگای هەولێر.

Distance education and its educational effects (positive and negative) in the shadow of the Corona pandemic for special education classes in the center of Erbil province.

Afrah Aldabagh

Professor Salahaddin University

بەها گەردوونییەکان لەکوێی پرۆسەی خوێندندان؟

Universal values in education.

Amanj Ismael

Educational Consultant Lalezar Cultural Center

DAY 2 - S6 - May 18, 2021 -Tuesday

Session 6 - 14:00-1500

The SDGs and Embedding Global Citizenship in all Learning and Teaching.

Clare Fulton

Trainer UK Teachers Academy

Mutual Learning - How can K-12 and Universities benefit from each other's COVID experience.

Wolfgang Hinck

Vice President AU American University of Iraq, Sulaimani

Wolfgang Hinck

كيفية تحسين تدريب المعلمين لمزيد من النجاح في التعلم عن بعد.

How to Improve Teacher Training for More Successful Remote Learning.

Ahmed Fakhrudeen

Lecturer University of Kirkuk

رۆڵ مۆدێل بۆ بنیاتنانی کەسایەتی قوتابی: پرۆفایلی مامۆستای چاوەڕوانکراو لە پەروەردەی کەسێتی کاریگەر.

Role Modelling in Building Student Character: Expected Teacher Profile in Effective Character Education.

Dr. Umed Aruzery

CEO / Chairman Stirling Schools Group

پێزانینی مامۆستایانی زمانی ئینگلیزی دەربارەی ئامادەکارییە لەپێشینەکان بەر لە دەستپێکردن بە خزمەتەکەیان لە هەرێمی کوردستان.

Perceptions of EFL Teachers about their Pre-service Preparation in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Nawzar Haji

Teacher Educator Soran University

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