Mrs. Clare Fulton

Mrs.Clare Fulton

UK Teachers Academy

A Short Bio / زانیاری کەسیی / سيرة ذاتية قصيرة: “A trainer for the UKTA and for Jolly Learning, Clare Fulton is a literacy consultant who has worked with inspectors, trainers, teachers and Ministry of Education officials, travelling to Oman, Greece, Egypt and Germany as well as working online with teachers in Iraq, Norway and all countries within the UK. She has experience of teaching pupils at all stages of primary school as well as pupils who have additional support needs and she has worked for many years in the field of development education as an accredited trainer for the British Council. Clare is currently working with National Literacy Trust and Scottish Book Trust too.”

Category / پۆلێن / الفئة:

21st Century Skills / تواناكانی سەدەی 21 / مهارات القرن الحادي والعشرين

Seminar Title / ناونیشانی بابەت / عنوان الندوة : Using the Sustainable Development Goals as a Blueprint for Learning and Teaching

Abstract / پوختە / الملخص. : The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, offer a real means of connecting families, schools, communities and countries as they offer a blueprint that can embed global citizenship education in all subject areas in K-12 contexts to give pupils a greater understanding of the world and their part in making it a home in which everyone can live in harmony. Together we can create a fairer, more sustainable future for everyone and if young people can see that they have a role to play in responding to the climate emergency, supporting fair trading, upholding the human rights of all and thinking critically about the information we receive and can access then they will be prepared to be the educators, leaders and engaged citizens of the future. This session will include practical suggestions, resources and methodologies to encourage young people to consider the local and global needs of the present and future.

Keywords / وشە سەرەکیەکان / الكلمات المفتاحية:

Sustainable Development Goals, global citizenship, critical thinking, engaged citizens, education