Mr.Salam Mohammad Islam

Mr.Salam Mohammad Islam

Rwanga Foundation *

A Short Bio / زانیاری کەسیی / سيرة ذاتية قصيرة

Salam M. Islam is a civic activist with experience in civil society program management and training, he have a good understanding of the evolution and development of societies in post-conflict environments.

Salam has done and still doing consultancy work with international and local NGOs, government institutions and companies and conduct trainings and facilitate events inside and outside Iraq since 2004.

Salam is also an author. He has written five books (Youth Problems); (Modernity, its Origin and Associations); (What is Terrorism); (Ten Pulses, Dialogue between Babel and Erbil) it is on coexistence; (How to design and deliver training with impact, co – author); (A training manual on “leadership and management” for NGOs); (A main reviewer of training manual on “Citizenship and coexistence” for Iraqi youth).

In addition, he has more than 700 articles in local Iraqi and international newspapers and magazines about developing democracy, civil society and developing leadership skills. He also served as a lecturer at multiple universities in Iraq and had his own TV and radio shows.

Salam served as an adviser for the Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government on Civil Society and Youth issues.
For now he is the chief executive director for Rwanga Foundation (
People know Salam as, AbdulSalam Medeni, the pseudonym that he used as a writer and lecturer.