Matthew Ellman

Matthew Ellman

Professional Learning and Development Manager

Cambridge University Press *

Professional Learning & Development Manager

Matthew Ellman works as Professional Learning and Development Manager at Cambridge University Press, designing and delivering training for teachers, institutions and Ministries of Education around the world. He has worked as a teacher, trainer and training manager in the UK, Spain and Malaysia, and has delivered workshops and talks to teachers in a further 25 countries. He is the author, with Peter Lucantoni, of From Teacher to Trainer, to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2022, and his research into teacher education practices won the British Council’s ELT Masters Dissertation Award at the 2018 ELTons.

Seminar Title: A template for successful training sessions

Novice teachers are often given ‘lesson shapes’ such as Presentation-Practice-Production or Test-Teach-Test to support their lesson planning in the early part of their careers. But novice teacher trainers don’t have these kinds of templates to work from, and the result is often training sessions that lack impact. In this session we’ll introduce a model for planning successful teacher training workshops, based on our work with trainee trainers, and show how you can apply it to your own training sessions, or use it to support colleagues taking their first steps into teacher training.