Mr.John L McGuire

Mr.John L McGuire

Broadlands Limited

A Short Bio / زانیاری کەسیی / سيرة ذاتية قصيرة

John is an experienced coach, mentor, trainer, facilitator and change leader. In over a 40 year career (in the UK and over the past decade in the Gulf), he has supported countless organisations in developing their effectiveness and impact. With a First Class Honours Degree in Leadership & Management, and as a member of the International Coaching Federation – Certified Professional Coactive Coach – John focuses his efforts predominantly on the people aspect of change and development. His focus is to help equip managers, practitioners and leaders with a range of skills and approaches to deal with an ever-chaging landscape, be that in the fields of education, business, voluntary services or government.

Category / پۆلێن / الفئة :

21st Century Skills / تواناكانی سەدەی 21 / مهارات القرن الحادي والعشرين

Seminar Title / ناونیشانی بابەت / عنوان الندوة

Empowering educators to equip learners with 21st Century Skills

Abstract / پوختە / الملخص

In this session we shall explore the core skills, capabilities and attributes that teachers, managers and school leaders need to empower and ready learners for life after full time education. 21st Centrury Skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, self-direction, innovation and thinking are encouraged by helping individuals become independent, self-sufficent and most significantly, reflective. An effective way to facilitate such attributes is through coaching and mentoring skills development. In this session, we shall take a look at how coaching and mentoring can accelerate the acquisition of 21st Century Skills in our classrooms – for educators, for school managers and leaders, and critically, for learners. We shall explore two coaching/mentoring techniques that work in both personal and professional settings, leaving attendees with a set of tools to take away and experiment with after the session. We’ll also provide links to a growing set of resources, free to use for educators.

Keywords / وشە سەرەکیەکان / الكلمات المفتاحية

Coaching Mentoring Communication Perseverance Innovation