Dr. Ali Yousif Azeez

Ali Yousif Azeez

Soran University Member

A Short Bio / زانیاری کەسیی / سيرة ذاتية قصيرة:

I was born in 1978. I got BA and MA from Salahuddin University in English linguistics. I got MSc and PhD in Education from the University of Exeter. I am currently a staff member at Soran University.

Category / پۆلێن / الفئة:

School Leadership / ڕابەرایەتی قوتابخانە / القيادة المدرسية

Seminar Title / ناونیشانی بابەت / عنوان الندوة : Potential areas of Reform in Educational Leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan

Abstract / پوختە / الملخص. :

Educational leadership in general and school leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan Region suffers from a number of problems.

In this presentation, I would like to refer to a number of practical solutions that could potentially address problems and provide solid solutions toward this end.

In this study, a number of school headteachers are interviewed and available documents are analyzed to find out the areas of problem and difficulty, and provide solutions that could result in constructive reforms in educational leadership.

Keywords / وشە سەرەکیەکان / الكلمات المفتاحية:

Education, leadership, problems, reform, solutions