Dr. Umed Aruzery

Dr. Umed Aruzery

CEO and Chairman

Stirling Schools Group *

Dr. Omed Aruzery is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stirling Schools Group which operates 43 schools and one university in Iraq.

He served as the Vice-Chancellor, General Secretary, Representative for the Board of Trustees, Dean of Students, and lecturer for Tishk International University in Erbil.

He earned an MSc in Biophysics and Phd in Bioengineering and completed his undergraduate studies in Physics education.

He also has a rich background in schooling and K-12 education as a teacher, school administrator, and head of department.

His considerable experience in various levels and contexts of education enables him to guide and lead the various institutions and departments under Stirling Schools Group effectively.


Seminar Title: Role Modelling in Building Student Character: Expected Teacher Profile in Effective Character Education.

While schools need a comprehensive vision, effective policies, and a well-designed program for character education, the teacher profile to implement them is the key point in the success of the program. Schools should definitely have a clearly defined character education framework, but its success considerably depends on role model educators who set examples that will make the standards of good character meaningful and intelligible for the students.

Character education cannot be limited to advices and stories in books because character development is an integral part of socialization process of a young person. Socialization occurs through interaction, and school is the most effective social institution that contributes to this process. Therefore, teachers are the most effective agents in the interaction that builds student character.

This seminar will focus on certain important traits of expected teacher profile that will bring success in character education.